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Fuel Level Monitoring

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A significant part of your operating costs come from fuel costs. You can save significant costs by monitoring fuel levels, and the amount of fuel actually consumed. Fuel prices have increased by 35% in the last 18 months. Therefore it does make a difference how the fuel you are paying for is used.

With the help of our tracking system you can not only monitor fuel usage, but you can also separate personal usage. Experience shows that 5-10% of the fuel in total amount is stolen by shameless thieves. Fuel enough to cover a distance of 1000 kilometres disappears every month from the tank of a single truck.
If you have a larger fleet, for instance a fleet of 100 trucks, these thefts may amount to a loss of HUF 120 million annually! Extra costs arising from siphoning out the fuel tank or „detours”, personal usage can easily be detected with the help of our tracking system.

The benefits of fuel control:

  • Real costs related to trips and drivers can be identified.
  • Immediate SMS alert is sent in case of an unexpected drop in fuel level (theft).
  • Your company’s productivity may be increased by reducing costs.
  • You can prevent waste or theft of fuel.
  • You can save up to 10% a month.
  • You can motivate your drivers to drive more efficiently (eco-driving).
Please view our animation film about our fuel control service.

Your options for fuel level control

Capacitive fuel level sensor
Our fuel control system reads the data directly from the capacitive fuel level sensor installed in your vehicle(s). Reliable data is provided with 1% or 2% variations.

CAN-bus connection
Connected to the electric onboard computer system in your vehicle(s), CAN-bus helps you to extract data on fuel and various other data processed by the computer.

Our fuel control system will provide you not only with percentages, but will also show exactly in litres the amount of fuel taken in the tank and the amount of fuel taken out of the tank. In this way, you can easily compare fuel bills with the amount of fuel the tank was filled with.

Üzemanyagkontroll, tankszintmérés, fogyasztásmérés

Fuel variations can not only be monitored on graphs, but you can also analyse fuel costs relevant to certain road sections one by one. The kilometres travelled are continuously updated in our electronic driver's journal.

In addition to fuel control, our system can provide you with further data received from analogue sensors, such as temperature monitoring for refrigerator trucks, load on axle for trucks, pressure monitoring for truck tank vehicles.

Our fuel control system was designed to enable our customers to reduce their costs by saving fuel. Vehicle fuel consumption, the number of fuel intakes and possible thefts can be monitored on simple and clear graphs from minute to minute all the year round. Our intelligent fuel control system monitors unexpected, unusual variations in fuel levels, and most relevant data (location, time, change, current fuel level in the tank) are included in printable reports.

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Printable fuel reports can simply be compared with the bills received after each refuel, because they contain all the relevant data (date, location, amount, kilometres travelled). In this way, you can pick fuel bills which do not correspond with your actual fuel reports. Refuelling is displayed on the graphs by a sudden increase in fuel level, a sudden drop indicates theft of fuel. With the help of our fuel control system, you can get accurate reports from fuel refills to consumption from your drivers, which will reduce your costs, and eventually increase the productivity of your company.