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GPS nyomkövető, flottakövető készülékek

Multi-functional alert and tracking devices especially developed for vehicles. Thanks to their built-in, multi-purpose external sensors, they provide full protection for vehicles, cargo and passengers alike. They are small in size, easy to use and compact in design. Some types come with built-in GPS and GSM receivers. Enough memory, in case the GSM/GPRS network is temporarily inaccessible.

100% guarantee, all our products have been awarded conformity certificates!
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In addition to position information, our tracking devices have various inputs that can provide useful vehicle data for you, for instance, kilometres travelled, fuel level in the tank, temperature in the cargo space, etc. You can, from the distance, block the movement of your vehicle with an SMS message. You can receive an instant SMS alert on your mobile phone if the alarm system goes on in your vehicle so that you can make arrangements in due time.


Choose a reliable GPS tracking device, choose a reliable service provider!

Have a look at our video on how our trackers are installed!

Choose a tracker or fleet tracker that meets your needs the best! Functions available for trackers or fleet trackers:

  Basic category Medium category Professional category
Free of charge device on subscription
Real-time tracking with 10 sec updates
Continuous GPRS connection
Operated, charged via cigar lighter
Instant SMS alert in case of fuel theft
Extra-sized battery capacity
Easily removed and reinstalled
S.O.S. panic alert button
Driver's journal
Built-in GPS and GSM receiver
Onboard, hidden instalment
Ignition monitoring
Analogue input (temperature, fuel)
Fuel control
Door opened
Engine block via SMS message
Cargo space opened
CAN-bus data received from vehicle:

  • Fuel consumed
  • Total fuel
  • Current level in fuel tank
  • Kilometres travelled
  • Load on axle
  • Servicing intervals
  • Driving time
  • Engine temperature
  • Engine speed