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Vehicle Tracking

Our company pays special attention to the standards of our products and services. FlexCom Communications Ltd. provides customers with ISO 9001:2008 services certified by TÜV. Our GPS tracking system has been developed by Hungarian engineers, and our business is 100% in Hungarian ownership.

TÜV általi minősített

Our company has been awarded ISO 9001:2008 certification.
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You can view our certificate here.


Please, choose one of our GPS tracking or fleet tracking devices that best meets your needs:

  • Choose our USB GPS tracker stick if you simply need tracking or fleet tracking, and do not wish to invest a greater amount of money.
  • Choose our ONBOARD GPS tracking device if you need further information on your vehicle(s) in addition to position data.
  • Choose our CAN-bus tracker if you need premium services, for instance. you require CAN-bus data.

With the help of our summary table, you can easily decide which of the devices meets your needs the best.

Please view our video about our tracking services!

Services accessible via GPS trackers and our fleet management surface Click on   to read further information.

Continuous real-time tracking on street level maps with updates even at every 10 seconds  
Continuous fuel control, fuel graphs with updates on fuel intakes  
Driver's journal  
Position history for subsequent reading of vehicle route  
Daily, weekly, monthly kilometre charts  
Speed graph 
Multi-user option (individual login names for your customers)  
Multi-language system  
Vehicle search 
Clear vehicle information  
Clear position information  
Route optimization, route planner  
Running time (activity chart, daily driving time on graph)  
Cargo space temperature monitoring (graph)  
Street finder  
S.O.S. panic button to send alert signal on map  
Monitoring authorized and unauthorized locations  
POI (partner management)  
Export of raw data to CSV, PDF or Excel file  
CAN-bus data to receive from vehicle:  

  • Fuel consumed
  • Total fuel
  • Fuel level in the tank
  • Kilometres travelled
  • Load on axle
  • Servicing intervals
  • Driving time
  • Engine temperature
  • Engine speed indicator
Continuous, real-time tracking

You can track your vehicle(s) on a street level map with zoom-in and zoom-out options. Updates are sent out every 10 seconds in Hungary, every 30 seconds outside Hungary. You can track vehicle movement on a web surface. You needn’t click away on a map to spot your vehicle(s), the map follows vehicle movement so that you can see your vehicle(s) at all times.

Folyamatos, valós idejű nyomkövetés

Fuel control

You can get updates on times and locations of fuel fill-ups at any time. You can print the updates and compare them with fuel bills. For further relevant information click here!

Az üzemanyagkontroll

Driver's journal

With the help of our electronic driver's journal, you can get accurate information on the activities of your fleet. What is included in the driver's journal? The address of the departure point and time of departure, the address of the destination and the time of arrival, distance travelled, average speed, maximum speed, various events, etc.

Az elektronikus menetlevél
Speed graph

You can check the speed of your vehicle(s) on various route sections. By clicking on the “Export” button, you can save the data in PDF format.

Position history

Position history gives you a detailed overview of various events you may want to monitor. For instance, you can get a report on where your vehicle(s) stopped, sent out S.O.S. alerts, took in fuel or the times when doors were opened. Position history helps you to have a detailed overview of events that are of special interest to you.

A pozíciótörténet
Kilometre performance bar charts

The bar charts provide an overview of the kilometre performance of your vehicle(s) in a daily, weekly or monthly breakdown.

Multi-user option

With our multi-user option you can share relevant vehicle information with other users. You can provide your customers with individual user names and passwords so that they can monitor the movement of their vehicle(s).

Több felhasználóra bontott
Multi-language option

Your foreign partners can use our map display with ease. Our map display is currently available in English, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Romanian, Chinese, Croatian and Slovak languages.

Többnyelvű rendszer
Vehicle search function

With the help of this function you can search and select according to specific data such as registration numbers, identification numbers, telephone numbers, or even names of drivers. The map will display only the vehicles you have specified.

Az eszközkereső segítségével
Clear position information

You can close menu items no longer needed with a click so that you can monitor the current position of your fleet on full screen. The map will automatically move as your vehicles progress.

Átlátható pozíció-információ
Route optimization

You can check the shortest route to your destination by doing a search for the address given in the vehicle database. The system will calculate which of your vehicles is closest to the specific destination, and will also plan the route to the address.

Running time display

With the help of running time display you can monitor the performance of each of your vehicles. You can check if rest times are kept so that you can avoid extremely high penalties, and prevent possible accidents. Last but not least, our work time record reduces your administration load.

Az üzemórán követheti
Cargo space temperature monitoring

By monitoring the temperature in the cargo space, you can prevent damages arising from deep-frozen and chilled goods going bad. You can also send reports on cargo space temperatures to your customer.

A raktér hőmérsékletének
Street finder

You can search for addresses, and provide distance assistance to your workforce.

Az utcakereső
S.O.S. panic button

By pressing this button a driver, a salesperson or your kid can send an alert signal on the map or on your mobile phone. As soon as a panic signal has been given, you can view alert events in the window propping up on the map.

Az S.O.S pánikjelző
Monitoring authorized and/or unauthorized locations

You have an option to do so by adding POIs. By checking driver's journals, the system will indicate authorized and/or unauthorized locations in the area the vehicle has entered.

Engedélyezett és/vagy tiltott objektumok figyelésére

POIs help you to overview the performance of your workforce. You can add the names and addresses of your partners to the map. When you download driver's journals, you can see your partner’s name, and have an overview when and how many times your or your partners’ vehicle(s) entered the area. You can easily produce statistics (e.g. of the performance of your salespeople) by exporting data to an Excel spreadsheet.

Exporting data

By exporting data you can easily overview the performance of your workforce. You can add the names and addresses of your partners to the map. When you download driver’s journals, you can see your partner’s name, and have an overview when and how many times your or your partners’ vehicle(s) entered the area. You can easily produce statistics (e.g. of the performance of your salespeople by exporting data to an Excel spreadsheet.

Az adatok exportálásával

All the most relevant information about your vehicle(s) can be extracted from CAN-bus data. CAN-bus is a serial BUS for programmed data transfer, which provides real-time data directly from the onboard computer in the vehicle.

We can provide the following data at the moment: fuel consumed, total fuel, fuel level in the tank, kilometres travelled, load on axle, servicing intervals, driving time, engine temperature, engine speed.

What is CAN-bus?

CAN (Controller Area Network) bus is a computer system which provides rapid information flow between various functional units in the vehicle. Instead of myriads of wires, signals are transmitted from a single data collecting and management unit. Signals indicate that, for instance, ignition, automatic gear, anti-block system (ABS) or anti-slip regulation (ASR) is in operation. Because data is transferred on a single cable, fewer electric connectors are needed, which indirectly reduces the number of possible failures. Our tracking device can read (digitally coded) messages in the CAN-bus network, and convert them into traditional analogue signals.