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Vehicle Security Monitoring

Gépjárművédelmi felügyelet Vehicle security surveillance

  • 24hr dispatcher service
  • instant alert in case of an event
  • action with authorities
  • increased chance of detection of theft
  • reduced fees for the insurance of goods

With several years of experience behind us, we can state that there is no perfect protection against vehicle thefts. However, all extra mechanical or electronic security aids lower the chances of your vehicle being stolen. Tracking devices on their own are very often insufficient, because getting an alert when you are not near your phone is of no use.

Our dispatcher will initiate instant action with the authorities in case you are not available at any of the telephone numbers you have provided. Once the event occurred, quick response is the most important thing we can do for you. Every minute wasted reduces the chances of finding your vehicle.


Fleet surveillance

  • monthly reports according to your needs
  • updates on pre-defined events

Most companies using fleet tracking or tracking systems are unable to utilise the full potentials at their hands, because they are short of workforce to prepare the necessary reports or to categorise various important events.

Consequently, work procedures are not optimised, and expected cuts in costs are not realised. We can produce reports on pre-defined events with weekly or monthly regularity as requested.